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That’s a surprise. I didn’t expect a new Mazda5.
I guess it follows the exact same formula as the previous one. Adding some design touches from the Nagre concept. Which actually doesn’t look too bad to me. At least they are trying something new.
I’m sure most people wont like it.
Most people scream about cars getting too boring and hate anything new at the same time…
The interior is very influence by the Mazda3, which is great.
And the engine for the US will probably be the usual 2.5 Liter.
How about a Turbo option this time, just to make it a little more special….

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  1. wierd and pretty at the same time like that type of girl that scares you and intrigues you. then you can't wait to get into it.

  2. Vince the Truthsayer! As soon as i saw it i just KNEW that the same people that complain about boring cars will automatically hate the swirls on the side. I'm excited to see Mazda working some of their fabulous concept cars' features in a production model. and the Mazda5 is one of those automotive 'secrets' out there. if many families would look at it they'd find it's the right size, the right price and the right car for their needs. it's just that not many people shop this car against the larger typical mommy cars. maybe this ever-so-slightly controversial look will get people into the showrooms. i hope so.

  3. Just DONT ever ding them doors cause the best auto body man is never gonna repair them right and is gonna charge u a small fortune to fix them ! first we had headlamps almost touching the windshield now we got tail lamps about to touch the rear doors ! but i do like these lamps alot better than the last ones, just really hate the smiley face on it, cant wait till mazda changes there design direction !

  4. So……by letting Freddy Krueger run past the last-generation Mazda5, and scrape his claw down the bodyside, you magically get a "new" and "exciting" vehicle?


    Somebody better come up with a new hail-mary pass at Mazda, this is serious jump-the-shark styling.


  5. I can't wait for Mazda to be 100% Ford-free. The RX-8 and MX-5 are the only current North-American Mazdas with any Mazda DNA.

    I especially miss the low-down grunt of the old Mazda fours. They would jump forward from any RPM, whereas Toyota and Honda are kind of dead below 4,000.

  6. I think this is the best looking minivan out there. I'm still not crazy about the gaping maw intake on the front though. I like the "stretch marks" on the side a lot, but I would'nt want to get a door ding there. I read it's going to have a 1.8l and a D.I. 2.0l 4 cyl engines. I could see a tuner at SEMA putting a turbo on the DI 2.0l and customizing it. It would'nt take much at all to make this thing look awesome.

  7. It's not my kind of vehicle anyway but Mazda needs to stop putting that ugly face on it's cars. It looked ok on the concepts but when they productionized it, with all that gross black plastic, it ruined it for me. The sides are the only part I like. I wondered how they would do that and it looks good. The rest is a mess though.

  8. At least Mazda is willing to take some chances. It's a scrapper of a company. Really like the current 5 as a small sporty family hauler, but bummed to hear about blogger's lemon story. Our nearly 2 year-old CX-9 has proven very reliable and well-built.

  9. The only thing keeping the 5 from being perfect for my and many others needs is AWD. VERY surprised not to see that in the redo… Thus, it's off my shopping list…

  10. I think this style trend will get better once they start incorporating it into brand new models, as opposed to partial redesigns. Right now, it kind of looks like an afterthought.

  11. I like boring cars. This would have looked good without all the swirly character line shit. Just the bottom one near the door sills would have been enough.

  12. I just can't get past the face.

    I love Mazda's. I own a CX7 – adore it.

    I think the interior of the 3 is beautiful.

    I just can't get past the face. A while ago (before the new 3 launch) there were some concept pictures of what the Mazda 3 could have looked like (most thought it was the real thing) – had Mazda released THAT car – they'd be in a much better sales position.


  13. Premature rusting, blown shocks, squeaky bushings.

    -So how many miles are on your car. How fast do you hit speed bumps & potholes?

    -I have friends that have trashed Hondas, Lexuses, Fords, and even Dodges. They claim the cars are inferior– but I've ridden with these guys. They beat the crap out of ANYTHING. The abuse & mileage that destroy shocks on a Mazda or Honda will probably wreck them on a Cad, BMW or Merc too!

  14. This look will not age well! You can give Mazda credit for being different, but different is appealing when it's better.

  15. Modern or not, WTF is that weird shit going on with the side of the vehicle???

    I think it looks terrible and I drive a '10 MS3.

  16. Pffff… I don't know… wavy side grooves and shit are fine on concepts, but I dont' think they quite work on a production car, and especially a minivan… I think the car would look better without them

  17. too complicated…… mazda needs to stop with adding bling and stick to what they do best,,,, build zoom zoom fun to drive vehicles. Please loose the smile and all the crazy swoops

  18. The pre-collision swoops, goofy taillights and gaping Mazda3 maw are obvious design excesses attempting to disguise the fact that the "new" Mazda5 is otherwise pretty much identical to the current one, and NOT based on the upcoming Focus/C-Max platform. Mazda itself has acknowledged that the current 3 was a heavy restyle of the previous model, and will move to the new Focus platform in 2-3 years. So this new 5 is (thankfully) a short-timer at best!

  19. This is hideous. Ribbed and swirled apparently for her pleasure. This thing looks feminine as hell, maybe Mazda needs to go in that direction in order to appeal to most of the people who drive true minivans (Women). As the owner of a problem free current generation 5 (With a proper manual trans), all I can say is that this thing is fun as hell for a people hauler. And to the guy who complained about no AWD? Get a clue and get some proper snow tires. 112 inches of average snowfall where I live and FWD with snow tires has never kept me off the roads and has always gotten me to the slopes on a powder day. AWD is for morons who don't know how to drive. Lower fuel economy, more weight to lug around, wtf needs it?

  20. I own a 2006 Mazda5 GT and I have to say that the vehicle is great in concept, but in reality, the quality of the product is poor. I have kept a log of all my problems here :

    Premature rusting, blown shocks, squeaky bushings… at least the previous generation looked nice in my opinion. I HATE the direction of the new 3 and 5. The previous generations were clean looking, whereas these new ones seem busy and excessive.

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