All new Toyota Etios

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This is a new “small and super cheap” sedan from Toyota created to compete, at least in Europe, with the popular Dacia Logan.

So we’re talking about the cheapest car in the market.

From what they say in the teaser video, the Etios will go on sale in India first, “then the world”. Whatever than means.

That “world” might or might not include the US.

It would be priced here under the Yaris.

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  1. what the hell is that! you can't tell the size and the 'look' of car. use up my freaking bandwidth for THAT!

    phew! it would not work here in the US because the smart did not work in the states. gas price is still relatively low. smart dealers in my area have load of them and are discounting them just like every other cars!.

  2. All Toyotas are "super cheap". Unfortunately, they are also all OVERPRICED. Will this be yet another chinsy, cheap, overpriced, spotty quality Toyota? Because we really have more than enough of those!

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