All new VW Touareg

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The all new Touareg has been discovered, at least the toy version.
Which looks pretty detailed.
And we can see a new design that is even more boring and conservative than the current one.
Quite an accomplishment.
I never liked the current model. I always thought it looked old even before it came out.

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  1. the first Touareg might not have been cutting-edge in design, but it was tasteful, really tasteful, imo. The use of chrome edging trim, the rich colors it is offered in, the wheel proportions etc, just smacked of good ol' German design, like '80s Mercedes for example, as opposed to the Porsche version which used basically the same shape. This new one seems to keep that styling motif, which is OK with me. I think a dark blue Touareg in top-flight trim, is one of the best looking suvs out there. now if they could just keep all the lights working… VW/Audis always seem to have one headlight or taillight out.

  2. Ironically, this picture makes it look A LOT like the current-gen Cayenne (in my opinion, at least). Looks good though; a nice evolution of the current design.

  3. I agree with you 100%, Vince. I always thought the 2002 VW Magellan concept car looked really cool and that the production car in finally resulted in was a disappointment. And the weirdest thing is that the Chinese ended up copying the Magellan with a pick-up called Great Wall Wingle…

  4. I never understood why VW did develop something so far apart from the Golf. I thought they kept it affordable and just jacked up the Golf an inch or two and bolt on the 4Motion, like they have done with the Polo (without the AWD though). No, they have to develop an ugly Toureg. However, I am glad they did this update since I really dig the new headlight design.

  5. Just another VW answer to a question no one asked. I wonder how unreliable this version will be?
    Good ol' German reliability. LOL

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