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No matter how they show it and what they say, adding an Aston grille and a few fancy bits to the smallest of Toyotas is blasphemy.
And trying to pass it for an actual Aston martin and sell it for $32 000 is a bad joke.

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  1. I don't agree with you at all – Vince. I think it's a great idea. [Which isn't the same as saying 'it's a great CAR'] Besides – AS is not making many of them. I'm willing to bet it will be a MAJOR hit – given away as gifts to the offspring of the very rich. People like this stuff. And from what I've heard – only those who buy a BIG Aston Martin will be allowed to buy the Cygnet. So what the car represents will be worth it's weight in gold. [To some people]

  2. mmm At least you'd have to have a real Aston to be able to buy one of these. Makes it sorta like a… Ferrari pedal car that you could buy for your kid after you've bought yourself a 599.

  3. Being a Toyota IQ with a Aston grille is fail 1. Advertising a $32,000+ vehicle to the youth market is fail 2. Most twenty somethings could barely afford to wipe there bums, let alone a $32,000 tarted up Toyota IQ!

  4. It is the reality of corporate fuel economy regulations. They'll need to sell a few of these to justify the more thirsty Aston's that we all know and love.

    Hopefully the next version will be more original, instead of this abomination.

    I do agree with Craig though, they will probably sell every one they make.

  5. Huge mistake for Aston Martin. If I were even thinking about an Aston, I would look at another make. The prestige of the brand has been cut in half.

  6. Wow, $32k is a sad joke. While this thing does look better here than in the pics, it's still blatantly a compact Toyota and there are already too many similar variations. It might have worked out if they went for something unique, like the mini, but this was just a mistake. Same with that fugly suv concept (which I hear they've decided to build). Bad execution.

  7. This idea cannot work for so many reasons, the biggest of which is devaluing your brand. Even if they did do this it would at least need to be a unique design, not a Toyota knock-off. Bit like if Ferrari stuck their brand on a Nissan Micra. (even a Fiat 500 would be a bad move)

  8. If I'm going to drive a complete joke, I'd rather it be a 1985 Cimmaron. I'd feel like a fool driving a Cygnet. It's a real shame that Ford sold Aston. Looks like this brand is going downhill fast.

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