Audi A1 teaser

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Not much to see here besides the headlights.
And a silhouette at the end.

More soon.

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  1. Audi's recent treatment of it's LEDs in the headlights is very effective imo. even my 'non-car' friends have noticed them and remarked about them. most of them wouldn't know an CTS from a Gremlin, but they all know 'new Audis' if they see them from the front, lol. not even BMW's 'angel eyes' made an impact on them, but these LED 'waves' have.

  2. "under its wing, and protects it" are you kidding me? its a effin headlight…. also the headlights are the worst part of the new A8

  3. It's a "love it" or "hate it" polarizing kind of thing. I hope Chrysler's upcoming versions on the 300, 200 & others is better executed than the Audis'.

  4. I've always preferred Audis to many other German marks because they've been understated and elegant…and not what all the posers aspire to drive. Maybe they'll work on their quality to match their driving dynamics and style, too. When I'm old and rich, an Audi is what I will drive.

  5. The headlamps and tail lamps are excessively detailed on a car that is completely devoid of any style or distinctive character lines. It's factory rice.

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