2010 Mazda CX-7 test drive coming up

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I am test driving the revised 2010 CX-7 for a week.
The one I have is the newly available non turbo i Sport model.

Fell free to send me your questions…

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  1. How's the power and gas mileage? I test drove one a while back and found it a bit too sporty for an SUV. I think the base model with the non-turbo 4 makes sense.

  2. You are driving an SUV with the lowest owner satisfaction rating out of any SUV rated on Consumer Reports.

    Not a good SUV.

  3. As an owned of a CX7 – I love it; can't wait for the review of the non-turbo…. Can you let us know about the interior upgrades vs the original model as well as 'real world' fuel economy?

  4. Has Mazda done anything to improve the level of noise (engine, wind, tires) in the 2010 version of the CX-7?

  5. So far so good.
    Acceleration is just fine.
    The engine is mostly very quiet except at idle, where that "2.5 Liter Mazda buzz" can be heard.
    Interior hasn't changed that much, except for details.
    A nice touch is the back up camera available without having to order the navigation option.

    More later….

  6. this thing is 100% better than my lexus rx350 I just traded in. I am not worried about potential instant acceleration .

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