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Another Chinese copy.

Melting the front from the previous generation Euro Accord/Acura TSX with the current US Accord profile.

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  1. I think you need to take a closer look. Except for the slight changes to the front facia, that IS the Euro Accord/TSX. There's no current US Accord in that car. BYD also sells a car that was once the previous generation Toyota Corolla. I'm pretty sure they buy old dyes of old platforms and build cars under their own name.

  2. Put a little kink in the top and bottom of the grill and it could be a kia copy ! but anywho it actually looks not that bad ! but i say hey what the heck, if ya wanna copy something, please copy an old celica,supra,rx7,510,240sx,ae86, or my old saab sonett III v4 , god i miss that car, why do they always wanna copy plane jane cars go find something interesting to copy and something people would crave !

  3. I believe this particular pic was merely a photoshop by a Chinese news website.

    That said however, I believe the finished car from BYD would again be highly derivative of an existing design.

    Perhaps they should stick to what they do best, making batteries.

  4. looks like they managed to copy the Nissan Altima grill also. BYD = Bring Your Designs and we will copy them.

  5. Wow, that is absolutely ridiculous.

    BLATANT 1st gen TSX/Euro Accord rip.

    There is a reason why I will never in my lifetime purchase a Chinese vehicle, this is one of many…

  6. like the 1st post stated, they don't "COPY", they buy the old tooling, dyes and molds from retired generations of certain automobiles. Check out the BYD automobile website and visit a new previous generation Corolla for example.

  7. No f-ing way is this real, Vince.

    This thing is so similar to the TSX/Euro Accord that they could share body panels.

    This can't be legit, it has to be a shop.

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