Cadillac CTS-V Coupe interior

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  1. Too bad GM never spend the same amount of time managing it's finances that it spent on the CTS coupe. They might have been in a very different position now.

  2. To Anonymous 10:33 AM, Other than the seats and door insert, that same interior has been around in the CTS since 2008! Where 'ya been?!

  3. Not loving the yellow. But otherwise, the interior looks amazing. I've been in the CTS sedan and I was blown away at how nice they are.

  4. i love the colors in this optional interior. the only thing that bothers me is the blue color of the dash monitor and (looks like maybe) the instruments. i think a better-coordinated color for those would make it just about perfect. macs have had a choice of desktop colors for more than 20 years, there's no reason the Caddy screen has to be blue in all models when it's not displaying info. a nice dark bronze, or a darker hue of the gold seat material would integrate the whole interior much better.

    but the whole friggin car is gorgeous! i can't afford it either, lol. i'll get a scale model asap though, you can be sure of that!

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