Cadillac CTS-V Coupe video

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One of the coolest car videos I’ve seen in a long time.
I want to drive one.

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  1. I mean, wow. I would have never seen myself in a Cadillac or a Buick. But I really am liking the cars that Cadillac and Buick are building. I am the first person to stick my nose up at the shit they've always been. But these cars kick Lexus's ass and are legit alternatives to the Germans. I could park this next to my Audi, and I wouldn't have to make any excuses.

    Now GM just needs to work on their small cars. I'm not sure that the Cruze is good enough compared to the new Focus.

  2. Very strange. This coupe or the station wagon of the CTS don't do anything for me. After seeing the XTS, I am really excited for the future of Cadillac. I am thinking that the nezt Escalade might be something more than a chrome-laden re-badged Suburban. The XTS has changed Cadillac's image for me. Wonder if Lincoln can ever turn that corner.

  3. I could have done without the pointless natural disasters. But I like. Very similar to Top Gear editing.

  4. I dunno, I will see this at NAIAS tomorrow, but doesn't look that great. I prefer the sedan to the odd rear proportions of the coupe.

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