Chevrolet Aveo RS Concept

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No planed sporty version of the 2011 Aveo yet.
But the body seems production ready to me.
Except the big wheels, door handles and some other minor trim.

A really nice looking small car.
The concept is powered by the Cruze engine, so it could happen later.

Here is what they say:

“Chevrolet Aveo RS Show Car: A Wake-Up Call For The Small-Car Segment

-Dynamic hot hatch designed to appeal to young enthusiasts
-Personalization is built into the design
-Roominess and upscale amenities not usually found in subcompacts
-1.4L I-4 Ecotec turbo delivers exceptional fuel economy with performance when needed

The Aveo RS show car is powered by the same highly efficient 138-horsepower (103 kW) 1.4L I-4 Ecotec turbocharged engine that will be available in the upcoming Chevrolet Cruze.

A six-speed manual transmission is designed to ensure the car will provide a spirited driving experience.

For the show car, designers created a special engine cover in graphite silver with a brushed aluminum insert. The coolant and power steering fluid fill caps are rimmed in ice blue, and the honeycomb vents flanking the center of the cover are matte-finished in shadow chrome and designed to match the wheel color.

Chevrolet has previously announced the new Aveo will be built at Orion Assembly in Orion Township, Mich., in 2011, a move that will restore 1,200 jobs to Southeast Michigan. Timing for retooling Orion Assembly for Aveo production is anticipated to begin in late 2010. “

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  1. LOL, I think the body is production ready as well, and shoul be out sometime in March and is called the ford fiesta.

  2. this looks pretty good but GM needs to start integrating push button start into their lower models though…keys are so yesterday…even the Toyota Pathetios for India has push button start.

  3. Front half looks sporty… the last half looks "wagon-ish"(CUV).

    It's like they took the Vibe and tried to add sporty car front end… doesn't quite work for me.

    Maybe if they ever decide to buil a real 3-door sporty car/coupe-styled vehicle… I would consider it(last time GM had what I would call a sporty-looking 3 -door car was the "Geo" Storm).

  4. I would say it looks like a Lancer Lancer but the Lancer came from the VW Iroc concept first. So like the Tundra and Lancer I can add this to the Iroc style.

  5. Yes please add gimmicky push button start so we can all not know how to turn off our cars as they speed off a cliff.

  6. If that model would come like that it would be one of the best looking small cars even here in Europe. But I guess the real one will become much too small wheels as all the Chevrolets here. But the body looks great!

  7. Sam, you are the man.

    I'm with you, let's add more useless and overwrought features to cars and trucks that appeal to idiots.

    And truth be told, push button start is top of the list.

  8. After a few days… I decided this could be a good car(if they put the 138HP I-4 in it, and if they have an automatic… hope it's not the 4-speed…those are on the way out, even for small cars, over the next year or two, it appears).

    Our problem is when we had a GM product( '77 Camaro, and then an '87 "Chevy" Spectrum) the dealerships didn't stand behind their work(when things under warranty messed up…lots of arguing to get minor issues resolved)..not to mention, 1 place recently told us"You want a test drive.. buy the car"!.

    Spouse said "no more GM", after that.

    (If this does come up, and is as good as it looks… may have a chance… to get the spouse with the programs, as there is shop…but it's 20 minutes more of driving time… that seems decent, when we did go there..but shouldn't have to drive nearly 30 miles, to get a good dealership, out of 3 others, that are closer to us).

  9. USA Today had a story out about this car, also.
    They claim it will replace the Cobalt, and be about the same size, as the Cruze will be a larger car.

    Is this true?
    Sounds like it could be, especially since the Spark is supposed to be sold in USA, in the near future.

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