Chrysler Delta and 2012 300???

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Don’t get too distracted by the Lancia with a Chrysler badge on it. Or even the girl
Look at the black and white video being projected on the screen behind the car.
At about 1minute and 5 seconds into the video, you can see a few shots of the next Chrysler 300.
And it does look pretty good.

Will it be enough? A good looking big car, when everyone else has good looking big cars, but also great looking smaller ones…

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  1. Well they don't even bother to pay back their bailout money (since they claim they are a new different company now).

    So I'm not even considering their cars anymore but I never liked the 300M since drives awful (at least in my experience as a rental).

  2. In this video at about 1min 5 seconds (and after) there are two cars. First is Chrysler 200c – new Lancia Lybra and second (one shoot) is new 300c.I read on that american and italian engenniers hard work on new 200c, which will debut at the end of this year:-) I'm so happy as a Lancia's fan, becouse I was scared of Lancia's future. Now I know that this brand will life as Chrysler (Chrysler with italian design)

  3. This thing doesn't look that big at all, in fact I didn't even realize how short it was! From the looks of it it seems like it can be able to replace the role the PT Crusier has within the lineup.

  4. Most people who bought a Chrysler 300/300C [And that includes ME with my super fun and super reliable 2006 300C SRT8] do NOT want it to change that much. At least not on the 'outside'. We love it. And Fiat/Chrysler are abiding by our wishes. [So we have heard] Our gripe is with the INTERIOR. And even at that – it's not the design – but what Mercedes chose to use for materials.

    And when it comes to the tired old 'retro' comment – I think for some people any new car that has doors and windows is considered 'retro'.

  5. In 5 months I'll have enough saved to pay ca$h for one. I hope Chrysler has one ready for me by then.

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