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They have been showing a Lancia Delta with a new grille and Chrysler badges at the Detroit auto show.
They’ve also been pretty quiet about it. The car doesn’t even really have name. Although it does say “Delta” on the dash.

I’ve always liked the Delta, so I’d be happy to see it over here.
It is a very modern design, maybe too modern for the US where most people will just dismiss it as weird.
But of all the present models from the Fiat group, I think it is the best one to become a Chrysler.

No idea when this might go on sale. If ever….

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  1. Someone should put a stake in Chrysler's heart and get it over with. Fiat and Chrysler together are two of the biggest losers on the planet. Chrysler's just a welfare case waiting to die, and Fix It Again Tony ain't going to make it with their lousey quality.

  2. i drove a new Lancia Beta coupe back in college in '76 for several months while my friend that owned it was in Europe. i absolutely loved that car with my entire being, lol. it wasn't built all that well, started rusting out in about 6 months, but was truly exotic, at least in the US. it had a high pitched whirring engine, a 5 speed MT, power windows, steering and brakes and a sunroof. it also had about 80 rousing hp from it's fuel-injected 1800cc engine… but it was still an outstanding drive and stuck to the roads like it was on the proverbial rails—and it was EXACTLY the brownish metallic color that this Delta is, with 4 tan leather bucket seats. awesome interior too.

    i know the Beta has nothing to do with the Delta, but i never, ever thought i'd see the day that Lancia came back to the USA.

    i think this Delta, whether badged as a Chrysler or Lancia is hot, hot, hot.

  3. It's the New Pacifica! Looks Murano-ish. Delta is a bad name, an out of business (or is it?) airline, and a faucet that drips. Horrible name.

  4. the steering wheel is shaped like a Ram's head so maybe they are going to sell this under Dodge…not a fan of the styling of this vehicle.

  5. Quality looks good; especially with double-stitched leather on the dash. Layout is too funky though — even worse than Acura. Exterior is decent– especially for a car this small; but the grill is too narrow. All in all; not up to the slick styling of the "Fiat-ized" chryslers like the 300 S6; 300-S8; Viper; Ram; and others. I'm sure it will attract a certain niche– just like Scion, Smart & Prius. But nothing this small will ever be big with mainstream America. You need something like an Enclave; or at least a New Tarus for that kind of widespread appeal in the USA.

  6. It's unfortunate that Americans are still smarting from the Fiats that were sold here in the era of the Chevy Vega. All car makers have upped their game since then.

    What worries me is how Chrysler techs will adapt to 21st Century powertrains and suspensions. I can foresee a lot of "bad dealership experiences" when try to figure out a 140 mph, 200 HP direct injection turbo 4 after working on Sebrings and minivans for the past 25 years. Nothing that can't be fixed with lots of training, but I'm not convinced that Chrysler will handle the transition well.

  7. This car could actually pass for a reincarnated Chrysler Pacifica… I hope they give it that name, it was a fairly decent car before its demise.

  8. It has a classier look than anything currently from Chrysler. The center stack of the dash is a bit shiny and busy, but overall it's quite elegant and reeks of quality and good taste.

  9. They don't have any plans to bring the Delta over as it is in this photos they are only uusing it to gage public reaction to see if they Lancia & Chrysler brand are a good match for one antoher as far as products go. If they were going to start selling this in the U.S. as a Chrysler they would have made an announcement to that fact but they haven't.

  10. Fugly exterior, beautiful interior. What's with the rear pillar? Looks like a techno mix from a nissan murano

  11. front end looks good.. wish all Chryslers had this design…better than what they have now.
    Interior… same deal.

    The rest? No thanks.

    It looks like a Pacifica… and those don't/didn't seem too popular, from what I recall.

    Maybe if they had this general idea, but more of a "normal" car look(sedan, or coupe, or a hatch that looked kind of like the new 5 door Focus… instead of this mutant cuv/minivan look)….I would consider this, if it were more "normal"(don't like CUV's… and from personal observations of my area in which I live…. neither does 98% of the populace… not this type of "CUV", anyways).

    Now… if they want to rebadged the new MiTo, as-is(pretty much).. and call it a Dodge or Chrysler… then I'll be interested.

  12. This will be sold in some European markets (mostly outside of Italy), where the Chrysler brand will be more compelling than Lancia. I don't we will get it in it's current form in U.S. Think of it as an upscale PT Cruiser with Nissan Murano styling, as opposed to a Pacifica repalcement.

  13. What's the deal with this, is it 4wd, how many cylinders, how many does it seat? Is it a crossover or just a funky looking wagon? Are they going to build it here or import it? If Chrysler doesn't have the answers, why are they showing it? Maybe they could call it the Magnifica (part Magnum, part Pacifica). Have a friend in Italy who only buys Lancia's. Very nice cars over there, but wouldn't it be pricey over here?

  14. 'Delta is a bad name, an out of business (or is it?) airline."

    Actually I think Delta is one of the worlds biggest & most profitable airlines these days–which most folks don't know.

    Makes it a pretty appropriate name, don't ya think?

  15. I would have liked a wider grille. All that space between it and the headlights makes the grille look like a Hitler mustache. That being said, long like Mopar!

  16. Best looking Chrysler I have ever seen.

    I am sure it has the best materials and fit and finish the Chrysler badge has ever seen as well.

    Fuck Chrysler, seriously.

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