Chrysler PT Cruiser “Couture edition”

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What a shame.
To end the PT Cruiser with such a crappy “special” edition.

I remember back when the PT Cruiser came out in late 1999, it was one of the coolest car. Something interesting and original.
I remember dealers charging over $30 000 for a $23 000 MSRP.
They had waiting lists! Is was one of the most popular Chrysler ever.

People who never thought they would ever get a Chrysler were buying them!
They had something almost every other manufacturer would dream of…

And what did they do with it?
It took them over 3 years to finally have a more powerful engine.
And after over 5 years, they came up with the convertible version no one was asking for.

They did show a very promising 2 door concept a few years ago at the Paris auto show and everyone thought it was a preview of the “next” PT Cruiser.
But no….
Stupid Chrysler decided not to invest in one of their most popular model ever.
Instead they did the usual “refresh” and pretty much ruined the interior along the way.

Now the PT Cruiser is a joke.

BMW redesigned the Mini and keeps coming up with new versions of it.
Even VW is finishing up work on an all new Beetle.

What a shame…

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  1. This just proves that Chrysler going "Retro" was a big waste of time. If they weren't going to keep things fresh, then why bother? The current Charger and 300 have this crusty old feeling to them these days. It's sad that I still find the LH vehicles more interesting and "current" looking.

  2. "Stupid Chrysler"…..INDEED….Chrysler ran themselves into the ground with terrible styling and piss poor quality. The PT Cruiser, 300C and the new Challenger are probably the only exceptions to the bad styling comment. These 3 were nicely styled vehicles. But, as expected, they were neglected as the years went on (excluding Challenger which is new). It's going to take a foreign company to force them to do what they should have been doing in the first place. I just hope that nobody else looses their job there and that Fiat can turn them around.

  3. While I agree with your comments on Chrysler's past neglect of the PT Cruiser, I think this is a very nice special edition. The two tone is sharp and the red leather seats are attractive. I think this bodes well for future Chrysler products.

  4. I just rented one and it really is a shame that Chrysler did not update this car and keep it fresh. But they haven't updated any of their successful cars, so why should this one be any different. It wasn't necessary to have the Dodge Caliber and the PT Cruiser, they should have combined efforts and had just one really good car instead of 2 mediocre ones. With all of the innovation coming from Ford and GM, seems like Chrysler has a lot of catching up to do.

  5. January 8, 2010 9:32 AM said: "With all of the innovation coming from Ford and GM, seems like Chrysler has a lot of catching up to do."

    -True; But,

    Toyota and Honda are even further behind than Chrysler when it comes to both styling & engineering. And both have let quality & reliability slide quite a bit in the last few years. Yet both are close to being profitable. Mabey cutting back on design & development is just a "necessary evil" on the road back to profitability. It seems to be working for Honda & Toyota's bottom line.

  6. Guys, they didn't update it because they're broke. Of course, they're broke because their cars suck.

  7. The PT Cruiser was also the one that brought many here in Germany to finally try and buy an American car. It sold very good the first years. However, its bad quality slowed sales down dramatically. Besides the PT Cruiser only the Voyager (as the minivan is called in Europe), the first Stratus Convertible (I think it was called Sebring in U.S.) and the 300 C with its wagon version Touring have sold in good or acceptable numbers.

  8. The PT Cruiser was pretty good in its day. That was about 8 years ago.
    Just put it out of its misery already. Talking about flogging a dead horse!

  9. "The two tone is sharp and the red leather seats are attractive." I have to agree with you Anonymous. I love black and silver 2-tone and I think this is nicely done. I still like the Pt-Cruiser.

  10. The whole idea of going retro to me is a double edged sword. Yes its cool to see a modern interp, but I also feel its a way of saying that from the original till now was a mistake. This car was horrible. That's all

  11. I bought a new PT in 2002. I fell in love the first time i saw it. It was a really nice car. The car today is no where as nice and raw as it was when it first came out. I had been a tried and true GM person, but was drawn to this car. It was the right car at the right time. Would i think of buying another MOPAR now? NO Way

  12. imho we need to remember that Chrysler had a LOT of help making mistakes while they were RAPED, PILLAGED, and Sold Into SLAVERY by MB

  13. I still can't work out why Chrysler produced something good like the 300, yet come out with horrors like the Sebring or the Nitro. Fat cars for fat people. Hrom the company that brought us the LH series cars.

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