All new Fiat Uno

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Fiat stopped selling the Uno in Europe back in 1995.
But it has had a pretty good career in South America since.
A new one is finally on the way. And Fiat being Chrysler now, there might be a chance we get to see this one over here too.
Jeep is looking for something small….

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  1. i really don't like the softness and resulting blubberiness of some of the newer designs from euro/japanese mfrs. they seem wasteful and frankly not attractive. look at the original Uno, which i think is more modern than this one. i think straight/flat/aero lines work so much better on a small car, wasting far less space and looking so much lighter and airier in the process. not feeling this one at all.

  2. Actually, the Jeep you might get could be closer to a Panda Cross. The Uno is supposed to be an entry car for Fiat, the Panda would be slightly more upmarket.

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