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Having seen it in person, I find it very good looking. A pure and simple design that is just what a Saab should be.

Next is the wagon version of the 9-5, and it looks even better than the sedan

Shortly after, the all new 9-4X SUV will appear. Based on the same platform as the Cadillac SRX, it might also be available with a Saab 4 cylinder turbo engine.

Not sure what is next with the 9-3. There might be another “facelift” in the cards, as seen in the dark grey car above.
That seems to be the eternal story for the 9-3, revisions after revisions, and almost never an all new car.

But sooner or later, an all new 9-3 will be around.
Spyker is rumored to speed up the development of the car that is Saab’s most popular model.
Not sure what they will base it on. 
They might revise the current platform.
Who knows…

Plans for a small 9-1 have been canceled for a while. 

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  1. I hope SAAB kicks GM's ass in their market segment. GM deserves to die. They screwed up almost everything they touched including SAAB.

  2. I'm glad they've decided to cancel the 9-1. An Astra-based small hatchback wouldn't sit very comfortably with Saab's brand image, and devoting around 30-40% of their annual production capacity to a relatively low profit margin car wouldn't make the best financial sense.

    I'm sure Spyker will focus on finding the most profitable mix of models for a company with a volume that very rarely exceeds 100,000 units a year. A halo car based on the design of the Saab Aero X concept car could be a way to go, to bring some sparkle and desirability back to the range. They could perhaps even base it on GM's now dormant Kappa platform, if GM are willing to let them use it.

  3. If only GM studied what made BMW so successful and applied it to Saab they would have had a winner. Instead they made it into a Chevy??

  4. I'm happy SAAB has received a stay of execution, and hopefully stewardship by an attentive company that will promote and reinvigorate the brand. I love the 9-5 sedan, and the wagon looks even better! I could even tolerate that new 9-3 rear end in the black car shot.. but an all-new 9-3 would be even better.

  5. SAAB needs to go back to its ROOTS… that is have a functional hatchback like the 900 series even though it was quirky and odd in terms of design. Hopefully, the next gen 9-3 will have a hatchback feature and make the car more fuctional in its use……

  6. Eh.

    I wish them the best of luck.

    The new 9-5 doesn't look that competitive and the 9-4x doesn't appeal to me in the least. The 9-3 is a terribly dated vehicle.

  7. TO: January 27, 2010 7:41 PM Seriously! Don't you think these SAABs are about as good-looking as anything out there right now? I put them right up there with Chrysler 300, Cad CTS, Challenger, Charger, the new LaCrosse, Enclave, Ram, and all the rest of the trend-setting architecture from GM & Chrysler!

  8. These are really attractive machines. UNIQUE and Good-Looking. Very Stealthy. NOBODY has ANYTHING that stands out (in a GOOD way) like these SAABs do. reminds me of where the 6 & 7 series BMWs were about 20 years ago. And where the 3 & 5 series have NEVER been. Uniquely Classic. Most cars these days are boring & generic. Those that stand out are goofy or odd. but GM has shown us that even in these days of over-regulation; an inspired stylist can STILL create inspiring machines within the current constraints of high MGP's; Low CD's, lite weight, low emissions; and stronger safety standards. Thank's GM; for restroing my faith in the auto industry, with these awe-inspiring machines!

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