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I am not sure what to say… This looks like a bad copy of the Nissan Versa. With some Fiat touches regurgitated here and there…
Maybe when it’s all finished and ready for production?
I don’t know…
It’s touch to beat the Versa in the ugly department, but they did it.

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  1. i can see how you can say it looks like a Versa with Fiat touches. The nose is sorta Versa like and I can see traces of the 500. But price is the main issue. If this was under 10K in the US I'd call it a masterpiece in design. Well it would have to be way under 10K. But it ain't so bad. I for one who is looking for a car around 10K would look at it. Right now the Versa may win me over versus a used car.

  2. Geely is outsourcing its designs from Italdesign and Pininfarina. Then, not surprising, the designs look modern and European oriented.

    Startup companies more often than not can't afford to satisfy the needs of car purists. They need to bring practical and easy to sell concepts to the market and mass produce them thinking with a global perspective.

    The Chinese will arrive, sooner or later. This year they become the single biggest car market in the world and just last week China became the biggest world exporter (of all kind of manufacturing and services combined). This happened in one oft he worst times that the US economy has ever seen since the 1929 depression.

  3. Well, for me it's seems like a MAZDA2 for the profile and the doors panel and original but ugly face.
    Vince, you're so tought with chinese makers car. Look that they made yesterday, they making now and especially that they'll make tomorrow…they make exponentiel progress, faster than the corean and..faster than american.
    one decade to understand vs 50 years!

  4. Vince,
    Why ruin your blog with posting crap like this Chinese abortion? Chinese cars are junk; Chinese products are mostly junk; the Chinese production of imported products is going to sink this country into second place status in the world.

  5. I think with a bunch of sub-$10 000 cars coming over to the US in the next couple of years, the Chinese cars won't be far behind.
    The Nano will come here at just under $8000, and Nissan will have 2 new models under $10 000 next year.

    Like it or not, "The Chinese are coming".

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