GMC Granite Concept

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I guess GMC will be known as the “Blocky” company.
Some people might like it.

I think that blocky look works better in a Scion fighter like the Granite, than the new Terrain.
We’ll see how much they change the production version, which will be based on the Chevrolet Orlando. Itself based on the Cruze.

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  1. This should have been done a few years ago when the Honda Element and Scion xB were first introduced. It's too late for this design concept. Look at the lackluster sales of the Honda Pilot and Ridgeline. The Terrain is one of the ugliest vehicles to be build since that Aztec and Monte Carlo.

  2. Yes the Terrain is ugly, in photos, and in real life. The Granite is cool looking at least. But it reminds me of the Isuzu VehiCROSS back in the 90s, although in a smaller and more efficient package. But I can see the Granite equipped with AWD for around $20K will sell well.

  3. Neither of you may like the Terrain, but apparently the buying public does since there is only a 13 day supply on dealer lots and they have 3 shifts going at the plant.

    I like this vehicle. It gives some masculinity to the segment, something Scion, Honda, and Kia don't. Also, it's on the Gamma platform, not the same as the Delta the Orlando will be on. This is a smaller vehicle than Orlando.

  4. @ Torrey: i'm not quite sure what lackluster sales of the Pilot and Ridgeline has to do with a new small GMC like this…. one Honda is a 'traditional' crossover and one is a unit bodied pickup truck.

    i read in another blog that this Granite MIGHT have been a new concept for Pontiac's Vibe until Pontiac was deemed expendable. i can see it in the profile. i think this could be an interesting car, but people don't shop GMC for cars at this point. Are all GMC dealers twinned with say, Buick or Cadillac? if so, it might have a chance, since neither of those have anything like it, and the fact that the other divisions will bring in car buyers. i can't see anyone going to a GMC truck dealer to look at this though.

    but i've been wrong in the past. like all day today, lol.

  5. first let me start by agreeing that the Terrain is obscenely ugly (Pontiac Aztec ugly)…this concept version of a Scion Xd could work if it can decent gas mileage since the Scion is such a pig on gas.

  6. Almost as bad as the Honda Element, Scion xB, Nissan cube. All just cheap breadboxes on casters. A sissy box.

    The Terrain is MUCH better looking. (Those of us who love the Terrain, are the same ones who love Range Rover, Wrangle Limited, Hummer; & the like.) And rugged-good-looks in genera.

  7. I think it is a fantastic looking design.

    I just don't like it as a GMC. IMO the Chevy Orlando (which this is based on) should look more like this.

  8. Typical GM-schmalz. This "concept" is so full of been-there-done that cliches! Fussy little details everywhere.

  9. Yeah yeah. It's interesting. Build it already. I'm sure we'll get ten years of teasing like we have had with the Cruze and the Camarro.

  10. The difference is, they will never build it. Nissan, on the other hand, has shown the awesome dune buggyish Juke and it will be here before year end. Ha!

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