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Of course, on this US model the glass roof is nowhere to be seen.

And now, we find out more about “the numbers”
The CVT averages 37MPG, while the 6 speed manual gets about 33MPG.
Hardy any reason to get a Hybrid…

It doesn’t seem as cool or exiting as I though it would be.
A nice little coupe with decent, but not great, mileage. Nothing special…

What a let down…

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  1. Well.. CVT- 38 hwy, 36 city(36 city is pretty good… considering many vehicles are lucky to get in the mid-upper 20's, in this size of car..even the '08 Focus, we get 31-37 mpg hwy..but city? Try upper 20's, if we're lucky, and that's with some hwy miles added in).

    Yes… it doesn't sound thrilling… but I recall test driving a car back in June of 1990… called a "Chevy/GEO"(Isuzu Impulse) Storm…. iirc, 120 HP.

    Guess what?
    It felt fast… and was fun to drive.
    We didn't buy it due to we had a"Chevy" Spectrum(Isuzu) from 1987…. and of course, it was not that great of a vehicle…so we declined the offers on the Storm.

    This is 122 HP/123 torque on the CVT?

    If this car is, say, the size(and not much heavier) than the Honda Fit… it could be fun.

    I am will to Test Drive One First, before making a final decision.

    The Insight we drove… we didn't care for, especially on the hwy, with cross-winds, etc.. not a good deal.
    Hope this is decent.

    Not many sporty 3-door hatchbacks(after this Summer) that will be left for anyone to buy( and I am not talking "Wagon-looking" 3-doors, like many VW's)…..after tC is gone.

  2. You mean I can get better mileage in a Civic or Corolla, for less money? Yeah, this will be a success!

  3. I will add this(I am the "tC" guy, who posted earlier)…..
    I wish they had a sunroof, something, for this( maybe as an option… this could be a Miss, imho)… and no center-arm rest for passenger(or driver)?
    Another Miss, imho.

    Maybe Honda will wake-up, and build a real (3-door) Civic Coupe in the near future..that may take care of some issues?

    I am still willing to test drive this car… but I hope they have some type of options, that we aren't seeing right now( like some sunroof, or armrest that the dealership could install, etc..).

    This better not be priced like 23K either.
    Under 20K… maybe. Over? Not even consider this.

  4. I want one without all the hybrid crap on it and make it cheaper ! also id never buy a car with a cvt !

  5. Still a nice looking car. They showed the hooked up one in the previous picture. The numbers are NOT great, but let's face it… Hondas epa for the hybrids they make aren't up to par with Toyota, but they're price is also not as high

  6. i totally agree with you on this one. it's nice looking on the outside, and i'm glad to see a tiny Honday coupe again, but what the heck is up with mileage these days? i can remember Chevettes in the '70s getting 40mpg and early Civics getting closer to 50. i also know that a new Corvette can get close to 30 on the highway. 33 for a manual trans tiny car? a car like that should easily be turning in numbers in the 40s if not more.

  7. Vince…have you driven this yet?
    Besides MPG( I say 37 combined = pretty good… if MSRP stays around 19-21K, which I doubt)….how do you know it's a "let down"?

    I agree about no glass roof(or any sunroof, etc… of any kind) being a disappointment(and why can't the have any type of armrest?)…….

    still… if you can get one of these… maybe around 20K(I say Maybe… )….and it's fun to drive, fairly quick in "sport" mode, etc… and a hatchback… maybe it won't be a total disaster?

    I just wish they would have offered this as a, say, 140 hp regular gas engined car… no hybrid… offer sunroof, etc.. as optional, and keep the price about $18-20K.
    Put the Civic engine in this (a smaller,lighter car than the Civic) would be a "win", imho, and probably not much worse MPG( hwy, at least).

  8. I love the style of this. Would prefer the nose to be a little more blunt and stubbier and not so pointy. But that's just the armchair analysis of someone who knows nothing about design. I just think it could look less like a doorstop with a different nose.

    What I don't love is the idea of hundreds of pounds of environmentally unfriendly toxic batteries for a car that also has a full sized 4-cyl engine. Especially for such a marginal improvement in mileage. Shouldn't a light two-seater already get great numbers? Isn't a Prius or a Fusion much larger and don't they get better numbers?

  9. This is a disappointment. The concept CR-Z looked so much sportier and light with interesting details like the LED fog light bars at the bottom of grille. Unfortunately this one looks a bit too fat in the middle and rear

  10. Wow what a let down. I thougght it was going to look wayyyy better than this. I think Americans and Koreans have the best style in cars right now.

  11. styling is almost identical to the original CRX but the gas mileage, even with the "hybrid" system is worse than the CRX which rated at 41/50…and no sunroof option is just sublime arrogance.

  12. I will more than likely get one of these to replace my current vehicle.

    I absolutely loved the concept and I love this.

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