Honda New Small Car Concept

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I guess they couldn’t come up with a real name, or something…

There will be a production version of this next year for the Indian market.
Competing with the all new Toyota Etios.

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  1. This is cool. Honda is adding some interesting features to theyre cars. The way the hood meets the blacked out A-Pillars and the curves allong the side of the car are nice. I do not like that the rear bumper is a copy of the Toyota/Aston

  2. i love this car's lines. it reminds me of how blown away i was when i first saw an '84 Civic hatchback back in the day. this looks shocks at first, but is very contemporary and looks to have useful space too. compared with the 'new' Toyota posted above, it's like tomorrow versus last century.

  3. This looks really neat. I don't like Toyota's version. They rushed that design trying to keep up with it's rivals. Honda on the other hand they don't always make the best looking cars neither but I see wayyyyyy more effort from Honda than Toyotas. This is nice (I don't like the back though but I cad deal with it).

  4. one of the first really good looking designs I have seen from Honda in a while. this would sell well in the US. just make it safe and don't put pie tin wheels on it.

  5. I hope Honda is back to designing good looking cars. Aside from the civic coupe, this would be a huge improvement to anything they're offering currently.

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