Kia Ray Concept

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This is supposed to give us an idea of some upcoming Plug-in Hybrid car from Kia.

Styled in the US it will be shown at the Chicago auto show next month.
We’ll see in the coming years if anything close to it makes it into production.

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  1. the taillight graphic mimics the new corporate grille shape of Kias. i like that continuity. The shape reminds me a lot of the 'delta' or 'barbell' shape of mid-late 60s Dodges, which used it front and rear on many of it's models.

  2. Yeah the Volt is aging. We seen it for 2 years now? This looks better than the Volt plus it'll get a 10 year warrenty.

  3. I'm thinking it's a hatchback version of the upcoming Optima.. maybe an exclusive bodystyle for the Hybrid version!

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