Mini Countryman back seat

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Still only seats 4. At least from this picture legroom seems fine.
but they maight have been using the old “let’s push the front seats all the way forward” trick….

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  1. i'm loving the full length console and rear bucket seats. i've read that a 3 seat bench is optional.

  2. If it's priced like the 2-dr; I think they're in for very dissappointing sales. This puts it into a completely different market — one that places more improtance on value & practicality than where the "quirky" & "unique" 2-dr is.

  3. Even if there is adequate rear-seat legroom, there is almost no storage between those seats and the hatch.

  4. where i lieve in beautiuful modesto we dont have too many of these mini cars they are too small for americans and not safe the few one i saw here were own by gay guys these ses guys are not in our town anymore

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