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Looks much better in these colors, at least to me. We haven’t seen any pictures of the back seat yet, so it’s probably not that roomy…
No matter what, I predict this will be everywhere very soon. Especially where I live.
A fashion statement with 5 doors.

Engines are the usual 2011 Mini offerings with 122 or 184hp.

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  1. And different bumpers and a single exhaust tip also, the other one from yesterday must have been the cooper works version with hotter grille, bumper's and dual exhaust tips.

  2. make a MINI BIGGER… and BIGGER… Club Size the MINI, why not! hate to see such a beautiful car turn into something such ugly!

  3. The MINI is in danger of having too many models that overlap.

    The cartoonish dashboard is a deal-killer, too.

    Nice car, but getting a be too cute and ridiculous.

  4. 4 comments, this one makes 5 and its not even a comment really other than a comment in regards to the lack of comments/interest.

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