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I still think the sedan is on the large side for a compact.
And possibly as roomy as the current Fusion.
Plus when this comes out, the Fusion will look really, really old and sales will drop.

Sure, there is technically physical room for a sedan between this and the Taurus, but how about price?
The Taurus starts at around $25 000. The new Focus will probably overlap it already.

I’m just not sure how a new Fusion can fit. They will end up offering 3 sedans for similar prices…

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  1. It's not actually much bigger than the current Focus, and the Fusion will be updated to the Euro version eventually, too. The Taurus is HUGE compared to the Fusion. They offer very different driving dynamics and fit different needs/tastes. Besides, I've yet to see a $25,000 Taurus out in the real world. Basically, I think you'll see a $1,500-$2,500 gap between each model on avg.

  2. I was wowed when I first saw the new Focus. After studying it for a couple of days I'm realizing it's a bit of a hodge-podge of elements! I have yet to warm up to that pinchy and spindly front fascia. In front-view, fascia-up it's reminiscent of a Kia Sportage!

  3. I think you're worrying over nothing. A loaded fit is within 3K of the accord, and the Civic starts at only $500 more than Fit but I haven't seen you complain that the Civic is redundant (or the Fit for that matter).

  4. Yes, the top end Focus will overlap the Fusion and even the Taurus, but all manufacturers do that. Just because someone wants to spend $25k on a car doesn't mean they want a huge car with few features. Maybe they want a loaded small car.

    As for that front end on the Focus, the car revealed is the Titanium trim level, I am sure lower more common trims will have a less aggressive front end. That front end is a bit much on a 155hp car..

  5. It looks more like the 2002 Subaru Legacy to me. The Cruze want stand a chance. If I were GM, I'd push up the date it's is supposed to go into production. That thing want stand a chance. Go Ford, Hyundai and (I'm hoping the next civic will be nice) Honda.

  6. I disagree on the Fusion. It is the volume model in Ford's sedan lineup. The low-priced Taurus SE and lower Fusion models will eventually be dropped. That way the Fiesta will run $13k-22k, Focus $18k-25k, Fusion $22k-30k, and Taurus $29k-42k.

  7. This is such an improvement over our current Focus. However, he hatch's rear profile looks a tad bit like a Caliber, the tail lamps are kinda bizarre, and the interior is busy and cramped-looking, but these are all nit-picks. I wish Ford huge success with this as well as the Fiesta. Finally, Ford got serious in the States. I'm a few steps closer to buying my first American car ever.

  8. Except for the stupidly huge triangular openings in the front end, I do like this car a lot. The….WAGON, looks good too. Sorry, that's NOT a 5 door, it IS a WAGON…..whatever.

  9. Vince, the only stupid design element of the current Fusion and the entire Ford line up is nothing but the grille.

  10. A loaded 3-Series overlaps with the low-spec 5-Series. Same with an A4 and an A6. The absolute last thing that Ford, or any automaker will ever have to worry about is having too many good vehicles in their showroom. For too long, Domestic and other automakers have dumbed-down one vehicle in order to protect another one. Well that sucks. Make every car awesome.

  11. they're gonna save a lot of money having all doors and front exactly the same for sedan and 5-door. and doesnt even look bad. smart choices going on at ford.

  12. The one sore note on this car- the red hatchback is the taillights. They are a little large and overdone, like a sideways Volvo lite. Is the line under the light on the right side a fuel filler door? On the sedan it is a circular opening.
    I am really excited about Ford's direction, can't wait to see the next Fusion. I'm hoping that it won't have to rely on a gimmicky chrome bar grille for style.

  13. I'll have to see the hatchback in another color besides red. I can't decide what I think about the tail lamps. But overall these cars are amazing!

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