New 2011 Ford Interior???

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Which one?

This picture was just released by for to show some new version of Sync.
But which interior is this?
At first it looked like the new Taurus, but it’s not.
Yet, it is not a Fusion or a Focus interior….

The Fusion got a revised interior last year, so I think this might be the interior of the all new 2011 Focus.

What do you think, am I missing something here?

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  1. I think you are correct Vince but it needs to be in all Ford Products, especially the Escape and Focus. Its so much more interesting that the Taurus and Fusion. For something that the driver spends looking at, I think they made a great move by improving and adapting features in the Fusion Hybrid dash. Major kudos to Ford.

  2. Vince you do actually miss the fact that Focus is supposed to look a lot like the C-max inside out.
    And that interior certainly doesn't.
    It doesn't even look like something that could be sold in Europe.

    Judging by the shape of the A pillar I'd say it's an Edge.

  3. I think this is the new Ford Edge. The other interior unveil is the new LINCOLN MKX so it would make sense that this is the sister car interior

  4. I think you are spot on. If you look at the current European Focus it looks very similar. This is an evolutionary, yet substantially, upated Focus interior. Oh yeah me likey. Bout dang time.

  5. This same interior was shown with a Lincoln badge and wood accents, so does this mean there's also an upcoming Lincoln model? I think this is the 2011 Focus, but it also might be a showcase design.

  6. it looks like a sensibly laid out and serious dash until you look at the puppy dog shaped steering wheel…then I just start laughing.

  7. This sounds far fetched, but I think this is the next Explorer. There are spyshots floating around at Leftlane or Jalopnik showing the Explorer interior. This looks alot like that!

  8. I don't think it's the Focus….looks like a bigger car, plus the design looks more like the recent work of Ford's American designers (like the new Taurus). My guess is that this is for the next refresh of the Edge. The shape of the A pillar and bottom window line is close to the Edge. The Edge could use a interior re-do. It looks OK from a distance, but up close, it's all hard plastics – what you'd expect in the old Focus.

  9. Isn't the US sharing the next generation Focus with Europe, with Ford Europe designing the car?

    It's just because this interior looks so much like an interior Ford NA would create, and not like anything out of Ford Europe.

  10. Very nice interior, whatever it's for. Looks too big (& too upscale) for a Focus. Probably a midside, like their "2010 Car of the Year" winner — mabey for next year (2011). Or for a similar-sized euro or Australian version (Granada/Falcon/Mondeo/Focus/Milan).

  11. Wow! That's a beautiful interior. At first I would have said the new explorer due to the fact that they are going for a softer look, but the windsheild is raked back too far. My next guess is the edge. I thinks its a crossover due to the thickness of the a pillar

  12. The plastic looks hard and shiny, so I would guess it's not an expensive car. I don't recall the Focus having the option of leather seats, tho, so I don't know.

  13. This is the 2011 Edge interior. This shot was released with shots of the 2011 MKX interior (which matches spy photos we have seen).

  14. I see that it is a hybrid from the dials. Looks to formal for a Focus. I think that it might be the Flex.

  15. yes – youre missing something.

    Pic1 – This is the Taurus (you can tell by the overwsized wood flanks)

    Pic 2 & 3 – Defintely NOT the focus – whats wrong with you?

    Based on the angle of the center consile (which the fusion has never had) I would say that these are pics of the Edge, Flex, or both.

  16. Kuga? Next Gen Explorer? I kind of doubt the Focus would get faux-wood inlays. The top pic is of a different car than the lower two.

  17. It's too upscale to be the interior of the upcoming Focus. It's likely the interior of the next Edge. There are also photos of the MKX's interior.

  18. i hope it's not the new focus. kinda shiny, nothing awful, but not very progressive. it could just be an intentionally bland interior-only thing, showcasing JUST the tech?

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