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Now you can lease  Smart in the US.
Kind of desperate measures for a brand that has sold about 40% less cars last year.

Would you consider one?
 $169 seems like an OK deal. But even with air and power windows, the “pure coupe” model is a pretty basic car.

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  1. Only if u like looking like a clown while driving ! just look at the faces of people who drive these ! i always do and laugh, they look so dorky going down the highway.
    And this new lease ain't such a great deal, and will only run to feb 28th ??? huh ??? The deal also requires a $999 down payment, a $595 acquisition fee and the first month’s payment. WOW let me run now to my nearest smart dealer.
    With tags, tax, title, ya need to bring over 2 grand to the dealer, if your gonna suffer and drive on of these for 36 months just put that 2k down and purchase the clown car !!!!

  2. I drove one for 2 weeks in Europe, and around cities it was great. Once on the highways you felt a little exposed. Many of the other vehicles were small as well.

    The problem in USA is the other vehicles are so BIG! The pick up trucks, the SUV, the big sedans etc etc… just makes me a little more nervous. One suburbanite in their chevy tahoe texting their hair dresser while drinking their latte drives over you and thinks they hit a pot hole

  3. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me, especially for someone who lives in the city.

    I know two people who own a Smart and both love their cars.

  4. The original concept for these was for them to undercut the price of everything else on the market.
    But Mercedes got greedy and there is no way they are worth the asking price.

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