Nissan Juke

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The Juke is the production version of the weird Qazana Concept from last year.
I don’t know anyone who thought the Qazana was good looking.

I guess at least it will be original.
The Juke is not for the US. Mostly a European model built locally.

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  1. I am telling you, this will be a breakthrough design, a really important design in the car industry.

    A car designer

  2. oh boy, is that first poster ever witty, how did you ever come up with that? wow, you are a smart one. This is another leader from Nissan, wish it was coming here, love the Nissan Spyking guy by the way.

  3. Hot Hot Hot !!.. At least they are trying to break with convention.. unlike Toyota.. Oh whats that feeling.. thats right boredom!! Go Nissan.. Plus they make tidy profits from this niche products.. everyone wins ! : )

  4. from what I can see of this car, it is one of the few new designs that really speaks to me…looks very sexy and different…hope they bring it to the US.

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