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These are just illustrations, so far.
But they do look pretty close to the teaser shot Nissan released recently.

Nissan mentioned at the Detroit show that the Juke will go on sale in the US at the end of the year.
I guess this will be a “cheaper and smaller” model than the Rogue.

So maybe between the Cube and the Rogue, but weirder than both….

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  1. perhaps some nissan staffer mistyped the name when they when they wrote the press release and "juke" really should have been "joke"
    It looks deranged and that it wants to run you down, or make you vomit…either way, it simply shouldn't be.

  2. reminds me of an amc javelin. Like this a lot better then the same crap honda keeps producing. Go Nissan! But bet it gets that crappy cvt.

  3. it looks a nice Nissan… especially if the price is good this car could sell well for youth's seeking into small SUV's.
    good job Nissan!

  4. Chrysler is calling to get the lights of the Dodge Neon back….

    But probably at the end Chrysler doesn't care.. who wants those lights anymore 🙂

  5. Jesus. I've never see so much ugly and so much bland all in the same purple package. I mean really, what the hell?

  6. You know a couple minor adjustment and it kinda looks like a dune buggy with a top on it. Kinda cute.

  7. "You know a couple minor adjustment and it kinda looks like a dune buggy with a top on it. Kinda cute."

    Totally! The front would be perfect for a dune buggy. But everything from the A-frame rearward is way too conventional to pull off a front end like this.

  8. I am in love with this dune buggy beauty. all the prim and proper little boys out there that this has scared, nissan apologizes. for all the real cool adventurers out there, your new dune buggy is ready!

  9. Vince,
    These are our copyrighted images – please remove them ASAP. Thank you!!

    Brenda Priddy & Company
    Hans Lehman Photo Syndicate

  10. Although you removed the picture from your website, it's going to be hard to get that image out of my mind. It's like when you get a Britney Spears song stuck in your head. Make it stop!

  11. I guess im the target audience for this…I really like it…I dont wanna be in everyone elses ride tho…keep it affordable and gimmie a sunroof or a fabric top, a kick ass stereo, and an awesome interior design to match the nature of the outside and we have a winner for me! I'll replace my 01 Escape.

  12. this avante guarde little gem is a leader that shows what direction the future of the small automobile should take. It has tremendously perfect proportions, that I can see being an artist . It will present very beautifully. Those simpleton, blue collar schmucks that are so childishly and basically calling it the Joke are really embarassing themselves. How much brain power would be used to come up with that ?

  13. I am an artist also not a "Blue Collar Schmuck", and this artist finds this design just plain ugly, especially the front. It has that weird ugly is beautiful aesthetic of the early '70's AMC products (Matador, Gremlin, Pacer) and look where AMC is now? Sorry but this is as ugly as a Pontiac Aztec. On a separate note, even people who work blue collar jobs are entitled to an opinion, and also have the ability to purchase the car of their choice. I would imagine that most of them will not be choosing this.

  14. And Brenda Priddy continues to be a *unt. Nice to see that things never change. Vince, I'm not sure you needed to remove the picture. But for the sake of my lunch, I'm glad you did.

  15. Brenda's actually not a *unt. I've known her for years, she just wants to make money like everyone else.. I just saw her at the show and she's as full of herself as always, but still fun.

  16. Another awesome concept from Nissan. Can't wait to see official photos released. Nissan is again derided by people with bad taste. Just like they derided the Maxima and 370z and g37 and m37/m56.

  17. "Brenda's actually not a *unt. I've known her for years, she just wants to make money like everyone else."

    I don't know her personally, and maybe I should have been more selective in my choice of words. She is clearly on top of anyone who wishes to use "her" imagery. Which would likely fall under fair-use anyway. She doesn't own most of these "spy" shots any more than the subjects of her photography own their automotive designs that she's capturing. She might not be a *unt, but she's irritating.

  18. re your illustrations: i photochop cars all the time for websites, and changing the background, color and licence plate (and flopping the front view so it seems rhd) is not enough to copyright it to Carparazzi from the original Autobild images. very poor form for Carparazzi. S/he should not be taking credit for someone else's work.

    original Autobild images at AutoExpressUK:

    besides that, the current tease photo from Nissan shows the front is all wrong and the greenhouse not even close.

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