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There is a new small Peugeot on its way. And, from these illustrations,  it looks like the new 208 will not be a redesign of the current  207.
It will use Peugeot’s all new face. Introduced first in the upcoming 508.

No matter what, this isn’t for us….

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  1. """ No matter what, this isn't for us…. """

    yeah, no love for U.S. from france since you renamed french fries into freedom fries.

  2. It's a good effort by Peugeot. However, the very aggressive pug (face) seems too big for a car of this size. Also it looks like the designers changed their mind about the aggressive stance of this car somewhere between the B and C pillar … the front of the car is bold, sharp and distinctive, but the back end is as smooth and bland as tepid oatmeal.

  3. Is this even real? It still wears the same alloys as the current generation and the rear looks pretty similar to the current one. Just a rendering of what it might look like I would say….

  4. if they would just move the Lion logo down into the grille, it would stop looking like some sort of weird 'nose' which makes the whole front of the car look like a face, an ugly face. moving the silhouetted lion into the black grille would look so much more elegant and it would clean up the nose immeasurably. it's the first thing i'd do if i ever owned one, and then i'd fill in the little square on the hood and paint it. it just ruins the whole car for me, 'new' grille or not.

  5. Even the best-looking hatchbacks are still, just… in the end; crappy, tiney, unsafe, econo "car-ettes".

  6. This is just a render of the current 207. Giveaways: Same alloys, same rear and front windowlines, same three-quarter windows, same flared wheel arches, same front lights (just a little disguised by bodywork), same door mirrors and the same dash as the 207.

    And I should know, I owned one for 2 years. From the interior I can say that this one has the optional nav.

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