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I woke up to this on my windshield a couple of days ago.
Test driving the CX-7 for a week, and press fleet cars never have front plates.
I guess the city need money…

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  1. Hey its just not cars , they are all over us semi drivers all day long, ever since unemployment hovering around 12.5 % here in cali and major loss of income taxes and the housing bubble and everyone Reappraising there property taxes, the state is hurting big time ! and now the cops are after anyone for everything !
    A cop pulled me over 2 months ago cause he saw some dirt blowing off my truck, the ticket cost 446.00 dollars !!! hell a DUI is only 380.00 and most speeding tickets here are 325.00, running a red light is 271.00 bucks and cause a couple of small granules of dirt blew off my truck im out 446.00 bux ! my buddie was on his way home the other day doing 50 mph in a 50mph the cop did a quick you turn pulled him over and gave him a ticket for no front license plate on his fusion. there are hurting big time !

  2. Guys, this is actually no joking matter. I got pulled-over and a subsequent DUI because I was driving without a front plate.

    If you don't have a front plate in California, you can get a ticket like this or pulled over at any time.

  3. The whole concept of front plates is just dumb. When you get pulled over, it's from behind. That's the only place a plate should be needed.

  4. I'm guessing Vince did a little creative photoshopping to remove the officer's identity and any other markings that would tie this back to him.

  5. 1. It says Officer Ahole
    2. All fields are 0
    3. It doesn't list the section that has been violated (i.e Section 63)
    4. This is dodgy. Ring them up and see if they have a record of this fine.

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