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A revised Ford Mondeo will go on sale very soon in Europe.
Just making sure the big Euro Ford doesn’t look too old when the old new Focus comes out.

It still looks much better than our Fusion.

US Fusion and Euro Mondeo will melt into the same car for the next generation. Due about a year after the Focus.

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  1. I have the current version of the Fusion (a Milan actually) and even though the next versions of the Focus and the new Taurus are very modern, I really think that the current styling of the Fusion/ Milan/ MKZ are really good looking cars whose styling is going to hold up well over time. Not like the oval themed Taurus or the current Focus. Just my opinion.

  2. "It still looks much better than our Fusion."

    -No Vince, it doesn't. I love our Fusion. I like the HZ-slat grill (and apparently so does Lexus, given that their newest Hybrid has copied it). Our Fusion looks MUCH better on the outside. On the inside both the Fusion & Mondeo could be improved.

  3. the mondeo is truly a beautiful car in its class, i hope by melting into same car they mean getting rid of the fusion and just let the mondeo designers do everything

  4. This is the hi-spec sporty version of the Mondeo. The one that actually sells in significant numbers looks very camryplain. I prefer the style of the Fusion better.

  5. the new Mondeo is by far one of the best looking cars in the segment. If it was here in the US (especially in ST form), I'd have one in the driveway. It's not quite as good as the Iosis concept that its based on but very close. I cant wait for the next generation car to make it's way here

  6. I've hated the Fusion and Milan since they were introduced because they were/are so poorly and weakly styled. Give us the Mondeo, please Ford.

  7. I think this isn't the NEW Mondeo…Vince, didn't you post a pic recently of a Mondeo concept due in a couple of years? IF Ford released that here – I'd be hooked for life. That concept – and even the current version are easily the best looking mid-sized sedans produced – period.

  8. this is just the current mondeo with a sports package:

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