R.I.P: Lexus SC.

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After almost 10 years, the Lexus SC will go out of production in July.
To celebrate this long life, they are releasing, at least in Japan, a cheesy limited edition (aren’t they all, really…) called the “Eternal Jewel”. How obnoxious…
I actually always liked the SC. Current and previous generation.
They still look really good to me. Not many 10 year old design can hold up.
And I bet they make great used cars…
Let’s hope they find a way to come up with a replacement.

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  1. time flies. really hard to believe the current SC is almost 10 years old. i still like the original coupe more, but never hated the current one like so many people. i like the 2 toned version you posted here better than the usual ones i've seen. it's a bit ridiculous to even upholster that 'rear seat' isn't, lol? reminds me of the accessory seat in some european Mercedes SLs. it would have been better served as a package shelf with nice aluminum bars and leather straps for luggage, maybe even making fitted luggage standard.

  2. It is an oddly styled car that looks like it should cost about $35k, not $70k. I've probably seen twenty of them in the entire ten years they've been available.

  3. Even though they look a bit dated now, you're right Vince they did seem to stand the test of time.

  4. As the last design twin (in front and rear cues only), outliving the Solara…..wasn't hard. But it's time to put the Lexus SLK to rest. The IS C is here to pick up the slack anyway.

  5. A very nice, upscale luxury vehicle, with somewhat controversial styling, I grew to like it, and hope they replace it with something great.

  6. Good God, the SC is so freakin' ugly. I understand they rattle pretty bad from cowl shake. They should have put it down years ago.

  7. I don't think that 2tone car idea is a good one. It isn't a bad looking car, they updated the hardware, which was the head, tail lights, grille and side mirrors. At the price they are asking though! Listen the Acura NSX also stuck around with the same basic styling for years, just changing hardware. Let's face it though, you have a house, you let it age and not keep up with it and eventually it will too crumble

  8. imho there are a Lot of 10 year old cars that still look good/modern…

    …this Lexoid isn't one of them – always was just plain SILLY

  9. Good riddance. This car never looked good to me. I drove one in a Lexus drive event a couple of years ago and you could tell It was time for it to go. Looks to much like a bug!

  10. Let's hope they find a way to come up with a replacement.

    –Let's NOT.

    Almost all the sophistication of Chrysler's TC with half the style for twice the price. A clown car for idiots.

  11. This car is so forgettable, I didn't realize they were still producing them. It looks like the back seat would have been good for transporting Guantanomo prisoners.

  12. Okay.

    My seventh grade teacher owned the first generation, and I fell in love with that car. The second gen is just plain ugly and useless. Specially that back seat.

    Good riddance, indeed.

  13. This car is unbelievably trashy. An 85 Camaro with rust spots is classier than this half used bar of soap. At over $70,000, there aren't enough drugs that would make this car attractive.

  14. "An 85 Camaro with rust spots is classier than this half used bar of soap."

    If you are a redneck living in a trailer.

  15. Lexus really blew it with the second-generation SC.. had they just evolved the original (which was pretty groundbreaking stylistically when it arrived) and kept it priced between the GS and LS, it could have easily served as Lexus' answer to Infiniti's wildly popular G coupe, a model Lexus has yet to match in its lineup.

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