Saab lives?

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There might be an official announcement later today.
Spyker might have reached a deal with GM where they would buy Saab for $500 million.
This would be great news.
it means we would actually see the new 9-5 as a Saab and not a Buick or Opel Senator.
The new 9-4 X is around the corner. Almost 150 pre-production units have already been built in Mexico.
And Spyker claims they will speed up development of the all new 9-3.
After actually seeing the gorgeous new 9-5 in person, I am very excited to finally see some hope for Saab.

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  1. I agree Vince.. the new 9-5 sedan as shown at the LA auto show is incredibly handsome.. and the wagon looks even better! Glad to see someone will finally be paying attention to the brand.. hope customers will follow!

  2. It would have been sad to see Saab disappear but to be honest are you buying yourself a Saab?

    There are just not many buyers for Saab cars and they really need to change direction if they want to survive. The 9-5 isn't going to save Saab either to really need to come up with something innovative.

  3. Good. I hope bringing Saab back can take away an every .05 of a second Camry on the road away.
    Speaking of toyota once they go back to selling cars, watch how Camry sells are gonna pick up. If it was another manufacturer going thourgh what Toyota is going through now, it would take them at least 7 years to see sells like they used to.

  4. Honestly a small but vocal group of Saab "enthusiasts" taking credit, no doubt!

    Funny but they all seem to drive 15 year old Saabs but demand that somebody keeps the company alive. Maybe the brand would be stronger if the Saab "faithful" actually bought a new car once in a while!

    This just gives them another 5 years of life support before they go away. Which is a shame because the new models look really nice.

  5. I predicted last year that it would live. The brand has so much going for it. You can read my arguments here:

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