Suzuki or Nissan?

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That’s another picture of the car I posted earlier.
Most of you seem to think it is the next Suzuki Swift.
Others are leaning towards a Nissan.

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  1. this is the european Nissan Juke, based on our show car Qazana. That's me at the wheel. It will be Europe only launch Oct. '10, built in England. It's a gem.

  2. It is NOT the Juke. It seems that despite your nick name, you are not very familiar with Nissan prototypes.
    As you see, the Juke has a much lower roofline at back and a smaller rear door as well (although the doors do look alike).
    In addition Qazana prototypes had roundish mirrors, while in Vince’s photo we see big square ones.

    The list could go on for ever, but here is the most convincing answer of all. Swift prototypes:

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