Toyota Etios

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Well, it’s really nothing special.
Looking much worse than the Yaris.
It actually looks like what the Yaris could have been 15 years ago.

The Nano has at least some style to it and does look original and modern.
The Honda concept looks much better too.

Good luck…

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  1. What do you expect for 10 grand, this car is a cost cutting model it goes back to old saying you get what you pay for.

  2. car for car, line for line, marque for marque, Toyota has, hands down, the worst looking cars made today. whether it's a Scion, Toyota or Lexus, there are multiple clunkers. it's shocking to me, really. in the late 70s and 80s, Toyotas had some very, very fine looking, and driving cars. i don't know what sea change happened in their corporate environment, but they need to start all over again. don't do ANYTHING like you're doing today, Toyota.


  3. as far as the comment about getting what you pay for, GOOD design costs no more than BAD design. good design can streamline the production process too. the Nano is a perfect example of a clean sheet design for a brand new niche. this car actually reminds me a bit of the first Ford Falcon in 1960. it was a 7/8 version of the Galaxie, not a ground breaking small car design like the Corvair from GM. of course, in the long run, the Falcon way outsold the Corvair, so what do i know…

  4. It looks like a rush job. Toyota rushing the designers so they can keep up with the Koreans future products.

  5. It does look like a rush job but it doesn't matter I still see Corollas, Camary's and Rav-4s ever 12 seconds on the road so.

  6. I have a feeling the Koreans are up to something. I haven't see any skecthes or photos of what they are going to show at the NAIAS. They are up to something. I just know it. Toyota doesn't need style though people still buying the outdated Corolla. Why should they pay for style? Besides, since Hyundai/kia have a bad reputation but is no.4 globally, their cars are rare compared to Toyotas.

  7. People still going to buy a Toyota though. Even if GM is getting better, more poeple are going to buy the outdated Corolla over the better looking and more fuel efficient Cruze. That's why Toyota doesn't think design is important becasue they are ready still have the Camry outselling the Malibu even if the Camry isn't the best car in its class.

  8. Camrys here Camrys there Camrys and Corollas everywhere. Hundreds of Camrys thousands of camrys millions billions and trillions of camrys. Why buy something that isn't the best and isn't rare?

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