VW Concept Coupe

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It does look very nice. If a bit conservative. But that’s VW for you…

Seems like a small A5. Not sure if this is actually based on the Jetta or the Polo.
Most people call it a Jetta coupe. So thii interior might give us an idea of what the next Jetta might look like.

I still think they might just call the new Polo sedan the new Jetta.
But who knows…

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  1. Nice looking coupe. I know everyone wants to jump the gun and say it looks like an A5, but I think that vince said it better, it looks like a smaller A5

  2. very handsome design. nothing that will go out of style any time soon, no extreme fads etc. this is teutonic continuity at it's best.

  3. This is based on the NCS (New Compact Sedan) not the Polo. Now VW need to drop the pointles EOS and add a convertible version of this to their line up. The interior is gorgeous. Looks like it would be a good competitor to the higher end Accord coupes & BMW 1-series. I want a balck one with that interior in the photos with a DSG trans & the TDI engine.

  4. Not bad looking but not very new looking. The dash looks like the dash from a Fusion. I think that VW could have and should have come up with something a lot hotter than this.

  5. Very Scion tC-like , from the A-pillar, on back, in design( except… no hatch, unfortunately).

    I hope they don't mess up, and decide to ditch hatchbacks..as VW always seems to have a sedan, then a hatchback, version of their cars.

    They make a hatchback out of this… I may finally consider a VW.

    A coupe, to me, is nice looking… but it still has a trunk(and less useful than a hatchback, for carrying items, imho).

  6. The interior looks very much like my '08 A4, and with the A5 like B-pillar back design could this be a future A1 Coupe. If you can have a Jetta and a Golf why not an A1 coupe and hatch and put the new 2.0T with 211 hp and 258 ft.lbs. with a 6 speed manual and also a TDI with a larger turbo

  7. About VW/ 3-doors:
    They always look like a "wagon", to this older fellow here.

    I don't care for "wagons", or "CUV's" look.

    Nissan, Isuzu, Chevy, and a few others, had decent looking cars( good to not-so-good, reliability-wise)…. in the late 1980's, with cars like the Nissan Sentra 3-door, "Geo" Storm, and Isuzu Impulse…
    what happened to this type of 3-door design?

    Save the "wagons" for 5-door vehicles.

  8. Incredibly boring and I also think looks too much like tC except it will cost at least $5K more.

    And VW in a seperate announcement said they don't think there's much future in Hybrids so pretty weird then to show this in hybrid.

  9. It looks alright, nothing groundbreaking.
    What I really like is that VW has (re)discovered the fact that interiors don't have to be black. Let's hope the interior makes it into the production car.

  10. I have a feeling that people who compare this to a Hyundai and call it "boring" are under the age of twenty four. There is something in design called "understated" that you eventually grow to appreciate. This is one of the smartest looking coupes to come along since the S5 or the E46 3-Series coupe.

  11. Nice looking Jetta Coupe. This is basically what 4-door Jetta is gonna look like in 2011. VW has introduced they will make a new NMS so that's what it is for sure.
    If VW puts hefty price for this car – it wont go well… if puts good price then it will go well. VW, make a wise decision. 🙂

  12. I called it boring and I am in my 50's. I used to think VW's evolutionary styling was beautiful, but after owning a Passat for 4 years, I can't find much nice to say about them anymore. I think boring is a compliment, compared to some of the things I think about Volkswagen as a company. If this does it for you, go ahead and buy one. But when it's in the shop all the time , you won't find it so attractive.

  13. It is gorgeous. Audi has the best designs. Too bad I will never consider again a VW/Audi after the nightmare of expensive repairs from a previous life.

  14. "I called it boring and I am in my 50's."

    Sounds like you need a Corvette or Porsche. Maybe a flashy pinky ring.

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