VW Jetta Coupe?

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VW was supposed to show us their new Touareg at the Detroit auto show.
Instead, they will unveil an all new coupe for the US and Europe.

But from this sketch, it looks a lot like a Polo coupe to me. Just like the spy pics we’ve seen of the “New Jetta” are actually the new Polo sedan.
I wonder if they are replacing the current Jetta with the new Polo sedan in the US, and call it Jetta.
Is the Polo sedan that big?
It sure would trop the price a bit, and make it the size of the previous generation Jetta. More in line with the Civic and Corolla crowd. And making room for the US only cheaper Passat replacement.
Then this Polo looking Coupe could indeed be sold here as the Jetta coupe.
Competing with the Civic Coupe…

What do you think?

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  1. Vince, your way off base, this is the jetta coupe and all those spy pics weve seen of the jetta are indeed the jetta, the c-pillar and greenhouse showed the it was alot larger than the polo spy shots weve seen… ive seen the side by side of jetta/polo spy shots. and it was also confirmed by an insider that this is a jetta coupe that will be at detroit.

  2. Vince, or anyone…

    does VW quality(reliability.long term) still rank low..meaning lot of repairs?

    I know to go take a car to get service at a VW dealership = $$$$, versus, say… anyone else, in the "mainstream".

    If the quality is to the point of avg, or above, and they make this a 3 -door coupe…(no trunk)… maybe I would consider this.
    VW's reliability, from what I have heard, is about what Hyundai's was 10-12 years ago?

  3. So we won't get a Scirocco. Huh. But they give us a Jetta coupe. Excuse me (vomits).

    Hey, they could call it a Corrado.

  4. A VW coupe that costs less than $20,000? Looks like someone really made it to the game late…although the 2nd Gen Jetta was offered in coupe form too long ago to matter.

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