What car is this???

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Picture was taken in the US.
The reader who sent it to me seems to think it could be the Mazda6 hatchback for the US.
I guess, it could be.
But it could also be a bunch of other cars. Although the hatchback design seems to limit the possibilities.

Unless the 2012 Malibu offers a hatchback version.
Or is it a Saab testing a while ago?

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  1. Yes, this is a Mazda 6 Hatchback. It is not the euro model as it has the V6 "S" version federal rear bumper with the integrated exhaust cut outs (the wide tips are missing). The tail lights are also the federal versions. Good to see that this version will be making it's way here.

  2. that's definitely Mazda style 'camo'
    but this looks too small for the U.S. Mz6 to me
    (a GOOD thing!)
    could it be the RotW/euro Mz6 5door with federalized bumpers???

  3. Well, it IS time for the next-generation Mazdaspeed6 to arrive.. hopefully Mazda decided to bring the smaller/lighter Euro 5-door to carry the Mazdaspeed banner instead of the bloated US sedan!

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