What car is this???

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This was actually send to me by a reader who is trying to find out what his relative was driving.
It looks to me like a mid 1930’s Ford coupe, but it doesn’t really match other pictures.

Any idea?

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  1. Looks to me like a '37 Chevy. Very similar to the '36 Ford from that angle, but the forward leaning b-pillar is Chevy (unless it's some other GM clone).

  2. Vince, it's not a Ford. I think it's a 1937 Chevy.

    This ducky knows his old cars because he's an old Ducky!

  3. !937 Chevrolet Coupe. I see others have already figured it out. The clues are the shape of the small windows, and the accent crease that goes from above the front fender, down through the door.

  4. I won't be any help here but I will add this caveat….A few years ago, before the recession, there was a guy selling a car similar to this one in the northern virginia area. It was all rusted out and what was'nt rusted, was painted in a dull grey primer. I did'nt get up close to it to see the interior but I'm assuming the inside was the same condition as the outside. He had a sign up and it said he was asking for…….$11,000. I nearly crashed my own car I was laughing so hard. I figured that guy just watched WAAAAAAYYY too many episodes of the Barrett Jackson Auction. It was sitting around for about 2 years after that. I don't know about anyone else but if I have to invest a ton of money in a car that won't be worth ANYWHERE NEAR what I put into it, then I ain't giving you crap for the car. I'm sure it would make for a great hot rod though.

    Sorry, this picture just reminded me of that car I saw and just thought I'd share the story.

  5. Wow, how much was gas prices back then? That lady looks scary. Those were the good old days a simple life with no computers, no advanced technology and no cell phones. Just basic manual work.

  6. Found a similar photo of a 1937 Chevy coupe showing much the same angle.

    Note the character line behind the front fender extending into the door, the long vent below the hood behind the separate headlight, and the tail lights. See, too, the drip rail over the door and small rear side window–the drip rail extends down only half way.

    Yep, it's a '37 Chevy and the HUGE-BRAINED DUCK is correct.

    Go to the URL below:

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