What is this car ???

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30 years old and still better looking than most cars today…

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  1. Matra Murena, ca. 1980.

    French mid engine Coupe, built in rather small numbers, seated 3 in the front row (you can actually see it in the frontal picture)

  2. Matra Simca Bagheera. 3 seats across. As the original ads said, one seat for your wife and one for your mistress. Very "French".


  3. Talbot Matra Murena produced from 1980 to 1983

    Mid-engined, galvanized spaceframe and a genuine three seater (although not for the sturdy built constuctionworker…) about 10000 were produced in its three year lifespan.

  4. darn, you are good, Vince! got me stumped on this. it looks vaguely familiar, but just can't place it. maybe something South American. it really is a great looking car.

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