What’s that truck on a truck???

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Looks like a 2011 Infiniti QX56 to me…
On its way. Somewhere…

I guess Infiniti still feels the need to compete with the Cadillac Escalade.
Not sure why…

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  1. I'd take this over a chevy based crappy Escalade any day, and this is not the junky Titan based suv either!

  2. I would much rather drive this than an Escalade. I think they are trying to siphon off Land Cruiser/LX 570 customers with this one. This looks fantastic.

  3. This is exactly the Infiniti QX56 which is based on the remodeled Nissan Patrol/Safari.

    The Patrol has long been a sales success in every country they sell it in (specially Latin America, Asia and the Middle East). It is Nissan's competitor to Toyota's Land Cruiser.

  4. I think the Escalade is real nice for what it is, a rebadged chevy. From the pictures I have seen of the Infiniti, it looks great but not too much different from the Nissan that is coming out also. I think this is what these companies do with these big suvs, its also what lexus does with the LX570

  5. Even though the Escalade is the quintessential oversized suburban mall cruiser, it's actually a really sweet vehicle. If you haven't been in the newest one, you have no idea. The car service I use to go to the airport alternates between an S class and a Slade. I'm happy with either. Both are exponentially better than the Town Car or Camry Hybrid that they tried to send me recently.

    If this is an infiniti, it looks very generic. Of course we can expect a retarded looking grille to break-up the monotony a bit.

  6. When will Nissan learn? No one wants to buy their butt-ugly big SUVs. This Crapfiniti is no different.

  7. Must every single GM be looked at as a rebadged Chevy? As if everything GM ever made was originally conceived with Chevrolet in mind and all other brands were afterthoughts, smh.

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