Where do you live?

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Another question I asked over a year ago.
But people move.

And I am still curious to hear. I can guess some countries, and I know most readers of this site are in the US.

I also wonder if some of you are in China, which became the world’s largest market this year….

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  1. I am from Czech Republik and i am constructor in Skoda Auto, Central Europe. Good Luck, you are great! (soory for horrible english;-)

  2. Hi my name is Gunter and I live in Germany. Over the years I have added quite some comments to your blog. I read your blog daily and find it quite entainíng and informative. keep on doing a good job.

  3. I'm a student designer, and i'm going to work in the design department of Volvo, but now i'm still living in Brussels, Belgium

  4. quite an international crowd! i'm from the connecticut shoreline. i love that world graphic too, very well done. hello to everyone around the globe!

  5. Virginia, USA.

    I love this site and I love the fact that people from all over the world, including people from the automotive industry, visit and comment on this site.

    Great work Vince.

  6. I live in north-west of Norway. -18 degreed C. Love this site and visit many times a day for the latest new

  7. Was in The Netherlands the last time you asked. Now along the Central Coast in California, US. I check this site at least 5 x per day.

  8. Hi Vince, hi everyone

    My name is Andrew and I live in Greece, famous for Parthenon and, recently, for its statistics 😛

  9. Man… I feel like a minority being from Chesapeake, VA – USA!

    Hello to everyone around the little globe of ours!


  10. Sherbrooke, Québec, Canada

    And I have a lot of friends who visit your site.

    Long life to your site !

  11. Hi, my name is Rick and I love cars.

    Jacksonville, NC Home of Camp Lejeune, the largest amphibious Marine base in the world.

  12. Hey Vince,

    This is a risky question for your business plan. When you asked the question about what your readers drive you had 148 responses. So far about 100+. If I were an advertiser I would not even bother with your website since the number of readers is tiny and are scattered around the world. Of course, your readership is r greater than the number of responses, but you make it cleraer how deep is your following by asking this question.

  13. I'm David and I'm from Portugal.
    I've been following your blog for a long time and I check it almost every day. It's great, congratulations!

  14. Barcelona, Spain. I work as a designer at an automotive testing and development company. I have your page in my iGoogle boxes so every time I open my browser I can know what updates you have added!

  15. Hi, Vince. Frankfurt. Germany. I am Spanish and I work here as a car designer. Nice to read daily your coments. Thank you.

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