2011 Kia Optima

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Just a few details. After a few teaser illustrations last week.

We’ll see the whole thing very soon.

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  1. I don't like the rims but those can be easily changed. The rest of the car looks pretty slick though. Nice headlights.

  2. Wow,nice leds. I want to see more on this four door coupe. what excactly is the differance between a four door coupe and sedan?

  3. Regardless of whether it's Kia, this is visually a very appealing car!

    Hope it looks nice when all put together! Peter Schreyer's on a roll!

  4. Hyundai and Kia. The next Chrysler and Dodge while one upping Toyota. Amazing. It's been awhile since we've seen the same product paralleled so well. Many (but not enough) Chrysler's and Dodges (as well as GM Vehicles) have only been separated by design and not price points/mechanicals.

    Here's the dilema: Let's say I like the design and features of both the Optima and the Sonata. How would I choose between the two? My guess is that each model will have unique features/options for each model, making me angry that I can't get Option A along with Option B.

  5. I love what I see so far with this new Kia. If it is offered with a 275+HP V6 option and relatively respectable handling, I'm in.

    JTZ, in respect to your questions on coupe versus sedan, it depends on whom's definition you would like to use. Many people simply designate any 2 door car a coupe and a 4 door car a sedan. The Society of Automotive Engineers prefers to designate any vehicle with less than 33 cubic feet of rear occupant space a coupe. There fore a Ferrari 612 and a Mercedes CL would be classified as a Sedan. The classic definition of a coupe has to do with structural design. If the car has no "B" pillar, meaning that there is no support between the front and back of the car when all windows are down, the car is classified as a coupe (i.e. early 60's Lincoln Continental or new Mercedes C class Coupe). If there is a central or "B" pillar, the car is a sedan (i.e. Mustang or BMW 5 series). To further complicate the situation, brands are now using the "coupe"nomenclature on cars like the Volkswagen CC, Audi A7 and even the BMW X6. These are basically sedans with a lower roof to give the appearance of a coupe while retaining the sedan structural configuration. These are not coupes just as crossovers are not trucks.

  6. "The new Kia H-shaped grill is a 21st century version of the 1966 Dodge Polara front end."

    And the Chrysler 300 is a mixture of the 1990's Caddy and Rolls Royce so what's your point?

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