2011 Lexus CT 200h

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This is the production version of the LF-Ch concept we saw a few months ago.

It is supposed to compete mainly with the Audi A3.
All we can tell from this teaser picture is that it is a hybrid with a 2.0 Liter engine.
More on this very soon…

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  1. Vince, how can you tell it's 2.0l?
    Lexus also has CT300h, CT400h names pending so I'd guess this doesn't indicate always engine size (RX450h doesn't have a 4.5 liter engine either).

  2. Oh god! After a month of Toyota Toyota Toyota Lexus Lexus Lexus, I'm so sick of Toyota and Lexus. They are like the girlfriend that used to be attractive, but has become annoying and now won't go away.

  3. Hey Luc, is there a link regarding Lexus's name patents for CT 300h and CT 400h?

    Anon, CT is supposed to stand for Compact Tourer, I agree it isnt the most original name, but at least theres reasoning behind it.

  4. Luc, where'd you find out about Lexus's name patents on the 300h and 400h?

    Anon, CT is supposed to stand for 'Compact Tourer'. I agree that's not the most original name, but at least there's some reasoning behind their acronyms.

  5. Yes, CT means Compact Tourer and 200h is the power output compared to an ordinary petrol engine. It will have a 1.8L though. This Lexus will bear some really nice features. 3 weeks to go until the show-off in Geneva. I'm very excited about this car!

  6. Edmunds just reported the CT 200h won't be sold in the US… Weird since Lexus in Europe is pretty small compared to US.

    7tune claimed last year the more upscale CT 400h would be for US market (I think registered for US). But not sure if that's still the case now.

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