2011 Nissan Patrol

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The new Patrol is actually closer to what we’ll get over here as the Infiniti version. (With a redesigned front end)
Not much to say about this.
12mpg Truck SUV’s aren’t my thing.

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  1. Looks great. Glad there are still companies out there making vehicles for fun and adventure and that can actually tow something more than a suitcase. Kudos Nissan. Can't wait til the Infiniti version comes out.

  2. What a hardcore bloody nice machine. Just lovely.
    But I will still go for V8 LandCruiser the beast. Good job though Nissan.
    Why dont you bring this bloddy Nissan Patrol in diesel to America.

  3. The back end is horrific! Do we know much about the specs?? interesting they are doing all these videos in the Middle East. UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, they grab Land Cruisers and love them… I wonder how this will compete…

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