2011 Porsche Cayenne

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I guess people who like the current one might like this.

I never liked the Cayenne much. Never really got over the idea of it…
This looks a bit busier. And I don’t think a dark beige interior should be in a Porsche. Light tan and black combo is good, but that Japanese sedan beige with wood doesn’t belong here.
The big news is the new Hybrid model with its V6 and electric motor for a total of 380hp.
The same system you get in the new Touareg.
Otherwise, a 300hp V6, 400hp V8 and 500hp V8 turbo are available.
So once again, the Cayenne is a Touareg with new front and back, different (not better) interior, more optional power and a Porsche name.
I guess that’s what people want….

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  1. This looks A LOOOOOT better than the current one. I gotta say though that Porsche has THE WORST looking steering wheels in the industry. I'm sure they're good quality but they look terrible.

  2. A lot of people do want this and it will sell like crazy. I think the design is a bit invisible. It could be a Hyundai or it could be a VW. Personally I wish automakers would stop it with the bazillion LEDs for the exterior lighting. It's so overdone by all of the European brands.

  3. Better looking than the 1st IMHO (though that wasn't hard to achieve). Especially the rear, I absolutely hated it before, this one's definitely an improvement.

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