2011 Toyota Avalon video

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Especially the revised interior.
I sat in the Buick Lacrosse a few weeks ago
(And hopefully will be test driving one in the next few weeks),
And I can tell you, the Buick interior looks far better than this horrible mess.

And everything feels really good too. I can’t really see the Avalon having much better

Looks like Buick itself has more than caught up with the “Japanese Buick”…

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  1. That woodgrain looks terrible. And the beige/putty colored interior resembles the office decor at a dentist office. A pet peeve of mine is when there is a place for a switch, and there's no switch, so they just fill it with a blank piece of plastic. It's always there to remind me that there are options that I didn't get. VW used to do that a lot, but they don't anymore.

    Anyway, this is automotive Ambien.

  2. It looks fine for what it's supposed to be. Give your market what it wants. I can't understand why this is a problem for anyone.

  3. While I'd agree that Buick has caught up with the Lacrosse, calling this Toyota interior a "terrible mess" is silly. It's not my cup of tea, but it's far from a mess.

  4. I bought the last Avalon. I WON'T buy this abortion of an interior.

    Instead of just fixing the electronics & brakes & "unintended" acceleration on my Avalon; I did something MUCH smarter.

    I traded it on a Buick.

    I guess I've just run out of rationalizations for buying Toyotas. I can't even convince myself anymore.

  5. tried to watch but the video was defective. it glitched as if there was a programming error. then it sped up and i couldn't stop it.

  6. UH, let's not forget that these newer "American" cars aren't really, "American" more like, rebadged Euro/Aust designed cars!!

  7. "UH, let's not forget that these newer "American" cars aren't really, "American" more like, rebadged Euro/Aust designed cars!!"

    Who cares? I couldn't care less about flag waving hillbillies. Better is better. And the new LaCrosse looks like it's a world above this.

  8. With the rumors that Lexus is going to kill the ES after this generation, it's looking like Toyota is going to fold it into the Avalon. The fog lights and rear end hint that the 2 cars are going in the same direction.

  9. The Avalon is ghastly on so many levels. Toyota better include a Depends undergarment dispenser for this sorry lump of a car.

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