2011 Toyota Avalon

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Not an “all new” car.
But a refresh. Which includes, like they mostly do, a new front, rear and revised interior.

The current generation came out 5 years ago already. And it doesn’t get the usual total redesign Toyota models get after 5 years.
So it looks like they will keep this 3rd generation for longer than the previous ones.
It already got small changes for the 2008 model year.

If it’s good enough for the Crown Victoria, I guess it’s good enough for the Avalon.
Maybe older people can’t tell the difference between this and an all new car, so why bother…

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  1. The only reason that the Crown Vic can get away with lame updates is because they have a huge municipal and livery car business. Hardly anyone buys CVs with their own money. On the Avalon, the new tail lamps look like an afterthought, which they are. The interior will make buyers go directly to the Buick dealer.

    This isn't good.


    This car "HAD" one of the nicest dashes in it's segment.

    Now its a generic mess (not all that different from a 1984 El Camino with the big square box in the center of the dash)

    You say the Crown Vic is just as old & outdated as the Avalon. But Ford also has a $27k Avalon-sized Fusion Hybrid on that same showroom floor. And the Fusion gets 41 MPG. And it's a lot more reliable when it comes to the quality of the electronics (brakes & acceleration).

    And it's "Car of the Year"

    I think Toyta has totally lost it!

  3. The interior is what i thought was unique now it just looks like. blah! Screw Toyota im going out to buy a 2011 sonata tomorrow.

  4. Maybe older people can't tell the difference between this and an all new car, so why bother…

    That's the most ageist comment I've heard in a long time. You won't see me visiting your website again. Bookmark deleted.

    You're probably too cowardly to post this comment. See ya, Vince.

  5. "That's the most ageist comment I've heard in a long time. You won't see me visiting your website again. Bookmark deleted."

    Maybe you should ask Toyota why they hate old people. Because clearly they think old people don't notice.

  6. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    WHAT? What just happened? I fell asleep.

    Toyota Quaelude.

  7. "do you recall said…
    forget it, they are lost obviously. I'm boxing up a 2010 Maxima in Pearl White tomorrow.

    February 11, 2010 8:31 AM"

    The Maxima is a bloated POS Altima.

    Why not just buy a G37 if you want a Nissan that bad, or a used M35/45.

    Maxima is a lame duck.

  8. February 11, 2010 12:51 PM SAID: "
    Maxima is a lame duck."

    I disagree. I've never owned a Nissan, but I will admit that their styling is consistantly excellent. (As opposed to the consistantly BLah blah boring from Toyota.)

    I say; call a spade a spade. Toyota = Generic mediocrity. The OLD Avalon dash WAS the ONLY exception.

    Nissan/Infinity = Classy & Distinct.

  9. Ok. So when this debut's it'll be seen every .05 of a second like I'm seeing them now, yet most of the time when I see a blog with a all new Toyota, people say how boring they are. That's why I'm not worried about the problems toyota goes through becase I don't think their sells will hurt. I have to see it to beleive it. I'm not a Toyota fan and I never liked them but it appears nothing goes wrong when it comes to Toyota. For once, I would like to see soemthing bad happen to Toyota.

  10. I like the 2011 toyota avalon , and after I have seen the pics I plan on getting this car next year when I payoff my nissan sentra

  11. Now Toyota is recalling vehicles with RWD for poor quality driveshafts. (They crack & come diconnedted at speeds over 40 MPH — expecially on Tacomas) WHAT'S NEXT? Inferior steel??? Can't Toyota do ANYTHING right? I see this degeneration of the Avalon interior as just another sign that there are more bad things to come.

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