2011 VW Touareg

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The new Touareg is an all new design. Looking a lot like the old one. You know…
With a busier than ever interior.
The big news is the new Hybrid model that combines a 333hp V6 with a 47hp electric motor.
Also available, is the V6 diesel with 240hp.
More later.

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  1. wow! love the interior… vw always have amazing interiors, but normally all are very similar! this is very original, and quite upscale

  2. The front looks like cheap Golf (and this ain't that cheap).

    Pretty boring exterior design as usual but the combined mileage with the Hybrid would be roughly +50% better than the current model (ECE cycle) so that's pretty good. Most likely EPA will be around 24mpg combined (diesel is now 20mpg).

  3. Lame – rear door from Skoda Fabia (quite ugly). However, they own Skoda, so they are probably excused lol.

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