2011 Volvo S60

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A good looking car that might be trying too hard.

The interior seems just a bit cheezy to me. Maybe it’s too shinny or something.
It might be better in person.

A wagon is also due shortly.

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  1. Probably also available in a matte finish; like most Volvos.

    I'd buy it just for that gorgeous "floatiing" center stack!

  2. Rear 3/4 view looks like a Civic. Seats look like they came from a Mercury Milan. The dash does look a little Ikea to me too.

  3. They have not finished this very well. I'm not sure what's going on with that rear end, but it's strange. The trunk looks like it was replaced with one from a different year and different taillamps. The rest of the exterior is predictable, but nice. The space behind the floating panel on the center stack is not very interesting because the space is too small and it's not really floating anymore. The dash looks busy with a disjointed collection of screens, materials, vents and shapes. Not exactly the clean design that Volvo has been known for.

  4. so it will still be predominantly FWD, like an accord altima, or camry, and it will still have something like 2xx hp max, just like an accord, altima, or camry , but it will still cost 2x as much as an accord, altima, or camry

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