2011 VW Touareg

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Still not sure if this is the real thing or not.
Could be just yet another illustration.

But it does match all the previous spy shots.

Nothing groundbreaking here…

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  1. the Sportage is in a different class though, it's more entry level. i think it's the best looking one out there though.

    i don't think this Touareg is the real one, but as you say, it's very close. i think the D pillar and rear side windows will be different than this image. the front grille might have more bars in it too. it won't be any sort of revolutionary design as you say, too.

  2. the sportage seems as if it would be alot smaller than this but its not, and it really isnt entry level anymore with its impressive list of standard features, so do ya take the risk of being laughed as for owning a kia , or do ya buy a semi unreliable VW and show ya spent too much money ?

  3. rear looks like rear of new porsche cayene – same platform.
    touareg an cayene are manufactured in Bratislava – Slovak rep. EUROPE

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